How to get Tibet Permits?



No matter Tibet Travel Permit/Tibet Visa, or any other Tibet Permit, like Aliens’ Travel Permit for Everest, Military Permit for Kailash, are not issued to individual travelers. You have to book a tour from an authorized Tibet tour company and let them apply for all the necessary Tibet Permits for you.

What is “Tibet Permits”?



“Tibet permits” is the floorboard of all the kinds of permits that are required for a foreigner to travel to Tibet. The basic one is the Tibet Travel Permit, which is known as the Tibet Visa as well. Due to the special situation of Tibet Autonomous Region, an international tourist who has no Chinese Passport must obtain the Tibet Travel Permit before entering Tibet.

How to use the Tibet Travel Permit when boarding flights or trains to Tibet?



For boarding the flights to Lhasa, or other airports in Tibet, foreigners have to provide the original Tibet Travel Permit when checking in. But for taking the train to Lhasa, the copy of the permit is enough except for three cities - Lanzhou, Chongqing, Xi’an.

When can you get the Tibet Travel Permit after you give us a copy of your passport and Chinese Visa?



The Tibetan Tourism Bureau only accept the Tibet Travel Permit application one month before the tour starts. For example, if your Tibet tour starts on 6 June, we will start to apply for the Tibet Travel Permit from 5 May. And usually, we could get the permit after 12 working days if there is no unexpected things happened. Then, we will deliver the original permit to the hotel you booked in mainland China for you to board the flight to Tibet. Or, send the copy of it by email if you will take a train to Lhasa.