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Tibet & Nepal& Bhutan Tour Guide 

Tibet Nepal Bhutan Tour


enlightenedIs there any packing advice for this tour?

- As Tibet is at the third pole of the world and has a high altitude, you need to carry some drugs such as Hongjingtian, Nifedipinum, Nuodikang Capsules to prevent altitude sickness. You need to carry all documents you need for this tour like passport, visa. Besides,you'll need clothes for all kinds of weather. If you would like to travel to EBC, a winter cloth is must.


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Tibet Travel Dream offers Tibet Nepal Bhutan tour packages for those who are after the mysterious Buddhist culture and the grand Himalayas. These three places are like a tourist golden triangle. You could discover Buddhism deeply by having a weeks-long journey while enjoying the gorgeous landscape of Tibet, Nepal, and Bhutan.

Tibet Nepal Bhutan Tour 

- The best time to travel to Tibet, Nepal, and Bhutan is from April to November. The weather is warm and comfortable. You can not only enjoy the beautiful scenery on this tour but also participate in various festival activities in Tibet, Nepal, and Bhutan.