enlightenedHow can I get a ticket from Shanghai to Lhasa?


enlightenedIs there a direct train from Shanghai to Lhasa?


- Yes, there is a direct train from Shanghai to Lhasa via Xining everyday. It’s Z164. You can take this train at 20:08pm at Shanghai Railway Station, after about 47hrs 27mins, you will reach Lhasa train station at 19:35pm.

- Train tickets in China sell about 30 day in advance according to your departure date. Usually, it’s very hard for you to get a train ticket online. We offer train ticket booking service and 100% guarantee your train ticket. Once we book it for you, we will sending the booking info to you, you can pick your train ticket up at Shanghai train station with your passport, Chinese visa and the copy of Tibet Permits.

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enlightenedIs it safe to travel to Tibet by train?