What You Must Know about Tibet Travel Permit

A large number of travelers imagine having a whale of a time in Tibet since it is not only a sacred tourist attraction with numerous place of interests such as the majestic Potala Palace and Drepung Monastery but also many stunning landscapes including Mountain Everest and Namtso Lake. However, before entering the dreamy city, Tibet Permit is a must-have for every tourist who decides to take a Tibet travel. As a well-known travel operator based in Lhasa, the capital of Tibet, we are really willing to share some useful and important information with you, which we think will largely help you come to Tibet and enjoy your Tibet travel without worries.


What is the Tibet Travel Permit?


TTP, short for Tibet Travel Permit, is a required permit for most International tourists, issued by the Tibet Tourism Bureau. Tibet Travel Permit also refers to as Tibet Entry Permit or Tibet Visa. Travelers are not allowed to get boarded without the most vital permit since it will be checked out at airport, train station, hotels or tourist spots in Tibet, so you usually need to carry it as well.


Who Needs the Tibet Travel Permit?


For International tourists, overseas Chinese who have no Chinese passport, and Taiwan citizens, they are required to obtain the Tibet Permit before entering Tibet. Nevertheless, Hongkong and Macau citizens have no need to apply for the permit.


As a sensitive political region, Tibet is forbidden to access for some groups and individuals, including Journalists, diplomats, professional media photographers, and government officials from other countries. However, it is not unlikely for them to possess the Permit. If they have work to do in the area, they must apply for the Tibet Visa via the Tibet Foreign Affairs Office.


How to Apply for the Tibet Travel Permit?


As we have mentioned above, Tibet is not similar to other travel areas that are easily accessible. Special regulations are there to maintain its regional security, one of which is that tourists are only allowed to apply for the Tibet Permit by local travel agency rather than by individual. Therefore, seeking help from a reliable Tibet-based tour operator is quite important. Great Tibet Tour boasts over 13 years experience in Tibet tour industry. We are rather familiar with the local policies and have arranged thousands of group and individual tours, and we are willing to help get your Tibet Permits and offer you a great Tibet trip.


Before you apply for the Tibet Permit, there are other two documents you should own at first: Passport and Chinese Visa. Thereby, the first thing you have to do is offer an application for these files in a Chinese embassy located in your country.


Once you receive the passport and visa, you have fulfilled most steps of applying for the Tibet Travel Permit. There is another thing you need to do is confirm your itinerary in Tibet, then book a travel package from a credible tour operator, such as Great Tibet Tour. Afterward, travelers need to email the scanned photo of the passport and Chinese Visa and their personal photos to the travel agency which could help you finish the rest process of application.


How Much Do You Cost for Tibet Travel Permit?


Actually, tourists have no need to pay extra money for getting this permit. All fees are included in your traveling expense, charged by the local tour agency. It is reasonable since travel agencies have to arrange a time and their staff to help you apply for the permit, take it back, and deliver it to where you stay. By the way, It is impossible to submit the application online.


How Long Does the Application Take?


Generally speaking, it takes around 15 days to obtain the permit. For those who are overseas students or expatriate workers, a certificate from schools or workplace is required to prove your purpose of visiting China. And after around 5 days, the permit will be issued by the Tibet Tourism Bureau before the tour agency you have contacted will deliver it to your hotel or transport station in China.


Where Can I Get into Tibet with the Tibet Travel Permit?


Basically, travelers merely can enter Tibet from two countries, mainland China or Nepal. If tourists have received the Tibet Permit, they can either take a domestic flight, train or have an overland trip in China to reach Tibet, or fly to Tibet through Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal. In the Chinese mainland, Tibet is required to take along and will be checked before setting out to Tibet.


Apart from Tibet Permit, the China Group Visa, a kind of document needed for those who come to Tibet from Nepal, is also necessary to carry. To apply for this permit, it is imperative to have your tour agency arranged it.


Can Tourists with Tibet Permit Travel to Any Region of Tibet?


Unfortunately, visitors who possess the Tibet Permit only can legally enter or leave Tibet. There are some restricted regions including Mt. Everest and Mt. Kailash that travelers must have the Alien’s Travel Permit or Military Permit to explore. In fact, you have no need to worry about the application of these permit. Our consultants from Great Tibet Tour would like to help you out and tackle any problems.

Created on:2019-04-11 15:28